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Debut EP out May 20th, 2014








B.E. Godfrey


After many years of contributing songs to the monstrous dark folk miscreation listenlisten, Ben Godfrey has branched off into a more careful calculated sound. Focusing on lyrical content and sparse arrangements, these songs highlight a personal exploration of foggy memories and strange metaphors.





Ben Godfrey wrote and toured nationally with listenlisten since 2005, performing on a handful of radio shows - including Day Trotter - released 2 full length albums, and a debut EP. 2009’s “Hymns From Rhodesia” received great press despite an independent release with little distribution or PR. Rolling Stone called it “a spellbinding collection of country-gospel songs haunted by loneliness and loss.” And eMusic ranked it #39 in their Best 60 Albums of 2009 saying, “Gorgeous folk-rock … the good kind of sad — a sympathetic voice to guide you through a crash-landing at the end of the world.”.

Over the past few years he has been fortunate enough to share the stage with some of his favorite artists, including: Phosphorescent, Daniel Johnston, The Dodos, Samamidon, Fog, Bower Birds, The Donkeys, AU, Shapes and Sizes, Dark Dark Dark, The Baptist Generals, Robert Ellis, Buxton, and Peter & the Wolf.

Godfrey is now focused on B.E. Godfrey. Expect to see a steady stream of singles, artwork, and an always growing live arrangement.


Grand Prix Godfrey: Houston Musician Dodges Serious Injury In IndyCar Wreck
–Houston Press

I personally don’t mind a little regular dance with death in my life, but in general I feel like a big part of the excitement in attending something like this is the danger element

Scout Niblett, B.E. Godfrey and Elaine Greer at Mango’s, 9/4/2013 –Houston Press

for a moment I’d almost forgotten that I was standing in a club best-known for hosting sweaty punk shows

B.E. Godfrey –Free Press Houston

Godfrey’s solo work feels smaller, more intimate, and it has sweet fragility about it that distinguishes it – a short poem to listenlisten’s grand epic.

The Wild World Of Estate And Garage Sales In Houston –Houston Press

Local musician Ben Godfrey, who was has most notably fronted local doom-folk group Listen!Listen! for the past few years and his own solo work, has been rummaging through people’s personal effects for treasures and bargains at garage and estate sales since he could remember.

Listen, Listen: What Is Ben Godfrey Up to Now? –Houston Press

Sometimes a difference in time changes everything. Every moment is almost an entirely new reality or unique existence.

The Body Knows What It Needs –Daytrotter

"Deaf Comes To Everyone," a song off of Ben Godfrey and band’s latest album, sounds as if you’re hearing him incorrectly at first. He sings the words from the title and you could swear he was singing about death - and he is in a way

Eli/B.E. Godfrey/Marry Me @ Mango’s
–Space City Rock

I’ve taken a listen to the couple of tracks he’s got up on his site, and they’re freaking incredible. They’re not listenlisten tracks, to my ear, but rather ramble on over through the realm inhabited by Iron & Wine, with the bitter, desperate erudition of The Mountain Goats layered on top.

Ben Godfrey, Adam Bricks, Ancient Cat Society

This show reminded me how sweet, warming, rock music can be, as deviant musicians not only play their instruments, but dearly extend sound, noise itself, with their innermost notions.